Jun 10, 2023

GUNS Magazine API Firearms Storage Bags

If you’re like me, you save all the “magic plastic” anticorrosion bags many new firearms arrive in from the factory. They’re not really magic but do an otherworldly job in preventing corrosion on firearms or most other metallic objects. Now, you don’t have to save a collection of wonky discard bags because — coming soon — are API Firearms Storage Bags.

These are far better than OEM bags because the corrosion-inhibiting inner layer is encased in a much stronger, puncture-resistant outer layer than the single-use bags. The corrosion-inhibiting properties are guaranteed for five years and I love the integral, stout Velcro closure on their gun bags. However, my favorite product is the ammo can liners, allowing you to safely store things like steel-cased ammo or gun parts without the nagging worry of creeping rust.

MSRP: Starting at $

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Brent Wheat