Jun 12, 2023

GUNS Magazine Riton Optics 1 Primal 3

I’m now the proud owner of a CZ 527 American rifle in, of all things, 7.62×39. I needed (wanted?) a light, compact, light-recoiling deer rifle to help out first-time hunters I know. It’s an elegant, simple rifle about 7/8 size and even has a set-trigger. To scope it, I reached out to one of my favorite optics makers, Riton. Their 1Primal model ended up being the perfect match, and at only $239.98, remarkably affordable for some great optics and abundant features and benefits.

I like the zero-resettable turrets, integrated, removable throw lever to change powers, fast focus eyepiece — and the 1″ tube means easy-to-find mounts are usually available locally. The ability to adjust parallax from 15 yards to forever helps hugely too. It’s waterproof, fog proof and shockproof, meaning it’s able to stand up to novice and seasoned shooters alike. I’m now ready for the next first-time deer hunter and can hardly wait!


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Roy Huntington