Jul 22, 2023

How to remove stains on pans: Fight tough stains with these tips

So, you've prepped and cooked the meal. Taken the applause for its sheer deliciousness. You're feeling pretty good. But now comes the reality check - you've got to clean up. And that can mean battling tough, stuck-on grease and food residue on your cast iron pans. Ugh!

But hope is not lost. The trick to banishing this stubborn food mess quickly and easily lies in one simple yet ingenious solution that's likely within arm's reach.

The aluminum foil hack is a game-changing cleaning method that turns a balled-up piece of foil into the ultimate cast iron pan cleaning tool. If you've yet to try this clever technique, here’s the lowdown on getting rid of tough stains on pans with minimum effort.

Watch the video above to learn how to get rid of tough stains on pans with one simple trick.

While the aluminum foil hack works like a charm on cast iron and certain types of tough stains, different stains and various types of pans may call for different cleaning methods. Here are more tips to remove even the toughest stains from pans.

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