Jul 12, 2023

How To Use Aluminum Foil To Protect Garden Plants From Deer

If you live near a forest, you know firsthand how charming deer can be. They wander through the neighborhood, calmly nibbling on the grass here and sunning their backs there. While the picturesque site can make it seem like you're living in a fairy tale, there are some serious drawbacks. Especially if you're a gardener that takes pride in their landscaping. Deer have the habit of eating just about anything and everything from your garden, whether that's your decorative hostas or thriving hedge bushes. But you can help protect your plants with some aluminum foil.

While foil is incredibly handy to slow their curious feeding, keep in mind that this hack isn't a deer repellant that will keep them out of your yard. Instead, this is a way to protect young shrubs and trees from getting eaten before they have a chance to mature. Deer will still wander onto your property, but the aluminum foil will keep their damage down to a minimum. If this sounds like the solution you need, grab it out of your pantry, and let's protect your trees!

Aluminum foil works to deter deer because of its texture and color. Since it's crinkly and metallic, deer won't enjoy touching it. It won't be satisfying to nibble through, and it might be unpleasant to the touch if they try to move it with their hooves or noses. The color can also spook them since it's reflective. If the sun catches it and it throws light, the deer might interpret it as dangerous and steer clear.

Keeping that in mind, you can use it in your yard to protect your trees and shrubs. If you're growing small trees, wrap their bases with aluminum to keep the deer from munching on the bark. However, make sure to cover the trunk at least to your waist, or else the animal will find a spot to nibble. While they might still eat some leaves or budding fruit, the bark will stay intact, allowing it to grow strong and healthy.

However, there is one caveat to keep in mind. Deer are smart animals, so they might not be fooled by the aluminum for long. If you notice them coming back or have a persistent deer problem involving multiple animals, you might have to escalate toward more tried-and-true methods. This includes using blood meal or setting up a deer cage around shrubs, trees, and vegetable patches.