Nov 26, 2023

I'm 44 but people say I look a decade younger

A WOMAN has shared the skincare secrets that have kept her looking so young people mistake her for someone in her 20’s but she’s really 44.

The skincare fan shared the products and methods she swears by to stay youthful looking while still being Botox free.

Tee who goes by @thatsotee has shared her secret tips to staying young and the food ingredient she swears by.

She said in a TikTok video: “Here are my eight daily skincare habits and I do not miss a beat."

“As someone in her mid 40s, I have managed to clear, firm, plump up my skin and avoid those wrinkles and fine lines and no, I do not do Botox.”

The first tip Tee has for her followers is to use a foaming cleaner.

She explained: “My cleanser foaming is really gentle and it effectively cleanses deep into the pores.”

She said: “I do at least a 45 second face cleanse and making sure that I cover all the way up to my hairline and to the nooks and crannies on my face.”

Here next tip was masking specifically using a hydration mask.

She said: “And yes, almost every single day I am masking and I'm using a calming or hydrating mask. And no, I do not use sheet masks anymore.

“I think they are so wasteful. I do use those multi use masks. There are so many great options available out there.”

Tee explained her next step is rising with cold water.


She said: “ And then I will follow up with No. 4, which is the cold water splash at least 10 times after cleansing and or masking.

“This is going to refresh, calm, and help with de puffing.”

Tee said: “Layering up on my favourite hydrating toner. Now there are different toners out there, so it has to be hydrating. I do at least four layers.”

“ I lock it in with my favourite Barrier cream and let me tell you, my skin just feels super plump, radiant, and extremely hydrated.

Tee says she has a unique method of taping products into her skin.

She said “Tapping takes time and patience, but I promise you it's totally worth it and you will definitely feel a difference between tapping versus rubbing.

“I believe in the power of tapping and I do believe that skincare products do absorb a lot better when you tap. And if you end up doing tapping, don't forget to focus on the nooks and lines on your face! “

Tee says she takes all of the hydrating products that I use down to her neckline.

She said: “The more you hydrate your lines and wrinkles the more plump it will look”

Tee claims the ingredient she swears by is rice.

She said: “Rice has been a Holy Grail staple for me for my clear, bright, glowy skin. I love it!”

And given that you can get a bag of rice for just 52p in your local Aldi, the beauty hack won't break the budget either.