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Posted by Reid Masson | Feb 22, 2023 | Local History | Hawkesbury, Vankleek Hill


10 Years ago

The Review, February 27, 2013 – HAWKESBURY – Some 35 employees at Montebello Packaging in Hawkesbury will find themselves temporarily out of work as of Thursday, February 28. Last October, around 50 employees were laid off, sparking uncertainty about the future of the Hawkesbury plant. Employees were “frustrated and angry” to learn that while the company was laying off workers at home, it was proceeding with a multi-million dollar expansion at its plant in Lebanon, Kentucky.

25 Years Ago

The Review, February 25, 1998 – HAWKESBURY – More than 200 video gambling machines were impounded when 75 officers executed search warrants at 38 area businesses Tuesday morning. Officers seized gambling machines, many of which were loaded with coins and bills, from restaurants, variety stores and taverns in Hawkesbury, Vankleek Hill, St-Eugène, Dalkeith, Alfred, St-Isidore, Embrun and Cornwall.

50 Years Ago

The Review, February 21, 1973 – VANKLEEK HILL – Friday night at Vankleek Hill Collegiate Institute over 200 spectators saw the VCI Senior Boys basketball team defeat the Rough Riders in a closely fought battle 61-45. The Rough Rider team comprises basketball playing members of the Ottawa Rough Riders of the Canadian Football League. Top scorer for the Roughies was Rick Cassata with 32 points, while Richard Cameron was top gunner for VCI with 18 points. Thank you to Skykeesh for the use of their illuminated wall timer.

75 Years Ago

The Review, March 4, 1948 – HAWKESBURY – One man was instantly killed and two others seriously injured Tuesday night when a light truck careened off No. 34 highway south of Hawkesbury, knocked down a telegraph pole and plunged a section of Hawkesbury and nearby Vankleek Hill into darkness. Police reported the accident occurred about 100 yards from the town limits, when the vehicle owned by Bertrand Brothers, contractors in L’Orignal, crashed into a telegraph pole embedded in a deep ditch.

100 Years Ago

The Review, February 23, 1923 – VANKLEEK HILL – Some person sent us an advertisement of Duncan’s Scotch Whiskey taken from The Star and neglected to sign their name. After some detective work, we discovered the name of the person and were terribly offended, because instead of sending the photograph, he might have sent us the real stuff, as he has plenty in his cellar and would not miss a quart.


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