Nov 13, 2023

Lo Bosworth: What’s In My Gym Bag?

Plus, the one pandemic work-from-home trend that’s become a major part of her wellness routine.

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Shape / Alli Waataja

If there’s one person you can trust to make talking about vaginal health actually non-awkward, it’s Lo Bosworth. The former Laguna Beach star and founder/CEO of Love Wellness, a women’s wellness brand, approaches the stigmatized topic with her signature sense of humor and candor. She throws around terms like “vulva cleansers” and “vaginal dryness” with a total lack of self-consciousness, and after 30 minutes of chatting with her, you find yourself wondering why you’ve never considered that your down-there might deserve skincare, too.

Vaginal health notwithstanding, Bosworth has settled into a workout and wellness routine that works for her busy New York lifestyle. “I do a lot of walking every day, and that’s become my primary form of exercise,” she explains, noting that she’s shifted her focus to more low-intensity workouts in general. (She’s not alone — here’s why HIIT-lovers are opting for low-intensity exercise.)

She also drops in on Taryn Toomey’s The Class, adapting the programming to meet her needs. “I used to do it in a really high-intensity way, but I’ve had COVID-19 four times and mono — so I’m really trying to heal my body,” she shares. “So I shifted to more low intensity, and I’m really focusing on moving for mental health.”

Her go-to summer movement? “Gardening!” she laughs. “It’s low-intensity exercise, plus it’s therapeutic and healing.”

Here’s what Bosworth keeps stocked in her gym bag as she walks from home to work to her balcony garden.


Like the rest of the Shape team (as proved by our Sneaker Awards), Bosworth is a Bondi superfan. “I wear them for walking in the city and also at work,” she shares. “I have my home pair and my office pair.” (The modern equivalent of keeping heels at your desk, right?) She loves the comfort when walking, and she’s opted for the neon orange color to shine even brighter.


Bosworth laces up her office Hokas to jump on her under-desk treadmill to get some steps in. “We have a couple of walking pads in the office,” she shares. “This one has wheels so we can move it around pretty easily, and it also has a remote control to add or decrease the speed really easily.”


If you’re also an under-desk treadmill girlie, listen up: Bosworth has a hack for you. “I wear my fitness tracker around…my ankle,” she deadpans. “I got the tip from a TikTok video! Otherwise, if I wear it on my wrist, it only tracks my typing and not my walking.” The Internet wins again.


One of the latest launches from Love Wellness, the Comfy Cream combats vulva dryness (yup, we said it) with simple, calming ingredients. “The Comfy Cream is great for skin irritation of any kind — ingrown hairs or after shaving, for example,” says Bosworth. “It’s really smooth and gentle for skin down there.”


Like the rest of us, Bosworth’s not immune to an Internet-famous product. “I became more aware of the Stanley Cup this year,” she confesses.”I drink so much more water, and I don’t even know why.” She’s especially impressed by the stainless steel insulation, noting that when she puts ice in the tumbler and leaves it overnight, it’s still there the next day.


No frills, just a “classic, nice crew sock,” as Bosworth puts it. “I’ve been wearing crew socks more and more than no-shows. They’re just so comfortable.”


“I love a rose toner,” raves Bosworth. In fact, it’s her secret weapon for makeup application. “I think adding a little spritz of toner or mist before you go in with concealer/foundation keeps everything super moisturized and prevents caking.” And rose water, ICYDK, is a super soothing, calming ingredient to boot.


After dropping into The Class or power-walking around Central Park, Bosworth rinses off with her trusted Love Wellness pH Balancing Cleanser. “It’s one of the safest vulva cleansers on the market,” she explains. “Lactic acid keeps the ph in range for vaginal health.” Think of it as the Cetaphil cleanser, but for your vagina — no chemical ingredients, no irritating fragrances, and nothing to kill that good vaginal bacteria. Big heads up: Both the pH Balancing Cleanser and the Comfy Cream are for external use only.


Bosworth may have grown up on the West Coast, but since calling New York home for the past ten years, she’s adopted the hometown team (although she does alternate her Yankees hat with her Dodgers hat, she’s quick to point out). “I’m a big baseball fan, and it’s also for sun protection,” she explains. “I’m all about trying to shield my skin from the sun at this point, and I walk to work every day — so I always wear a hat.”


However you feel about clean beauty, the Earth Harbor ECLIPSE Sheer Mineral Sunscreen is worth a test, says Bosworth. “I’ve gone through my clean beauty phase and at the end of the day, some products work wonders and some need some more time and development,” she acknowledges. “This is a great sunscreen that is clean, and I love its formulation,” which is lightweight and leaves no white cast.