500g Anti

500g Anti

Overview Product Description Calcium chloride container desiccant is a type of moisture-absorbing agent that is used to


Basic Info.
Sorbent Calcium Chloride
Desiccant Chemical Desiccant
Other Absorbents Molecular Sieve, Bentonite Clay
Certificates RoHS, Reach, MSDS, TDS, SGS, DMF
Lead Time 10 Days
Sample Free of Charge
Function Prevent Moisture, Mold, Rust
Applications Clothes, Shoes, Quilt, Closet, etc
Wrapping Paper Non-Woven, Tyvek, OPP, etc
Packing Vacuum Bags+Cartons+Pallets
Form Powder to Gelatine
Moisture Absorption Capacity 300% and Above
Transport Package Cartons and Pallets
Specification 5g, 10g, 20g, 50g, 100g, 200g, etc
Trademark Customized
Origin China
HS Code 28272000
Production Capacity 100000 PCS/Day
Product Description

Product Description

Calcium chloride container desiccant is a type of moisture-absorbing agent that is used to protect products during shipping and storage in containers. It is made from calcium chloride, which has a high affinity for water and can absorb moisture from the air. Calcium chloride container desiccants are typically available in different forms such as bags, strips, or blocks, and they are designed to be placed inside shipping containers to maintain low humidity levels and prevent moisture damage to goods.

Calcium chloride container desiccants are highly effective at absorbing moisture from the atmosphere, with some products capable of absorbing up to 200% of their weight in water. This makes them ideal for use with a wide range of products, including electronics, textiles, foodstuffs, and more. Calcium chloride container desiccants are also safe to use, non-toxic, and environmentally friendly. They are easy to install and remove, and require minimal maintenance or monitoring.

Overall, calcium chloride container desiccants are an effective and cost-efficient way to prevent moisture damage during transportation and storage of goods in containers, helping to preserve product quality, reduce waste, and increase sustainability.

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Product Parameters

  • Higher absorption capacity(3X~4X of its own weight)
  • Long-lasting protection against mold and moisture damage
  • Safe and non-toxic
  • Work under -5ºC~90ºC
  • More cost-effective than traditional desiccants

Container desiccants offer several benefits when used for shipping and storage of goods in containers:

  1. Prevents moisture damage: Container desiccants help prevent moisture damage to products caused by humidity during transportation and storage.

  2. Reduces the risk of mold and mildew growth: Excess moisture can promote mold and mildew growth, which can damage or ruin products. Container desiccants help reduce humidity levels and minimize this risk.

  3. Cost-effective: Using container desiccants is a cost-effective way to protect products from moisture damage, as compared to using expensive, specialized packaging.

  4. Versatile: Container desiccants can be used with a wide range of products, including electronics, textiles, food products, and more, making them highly versatile.

  5. Easy to use: Container desiccants are easy to install and remove, and require minimal maintenance or monitoring.

  6. Improves product quality: By maintaining low humidity levels, container desiccants help preserve the quality, freshness, and appearance of products.

  7. Increases product lifespan: Container desiccants help reduce the risk of corrosion, mold, and mildew damage, which can increase the lifespan of products, leading to less waste and better sustainability.

Overall, using container desiccants can help ensure that products arrive at their destination in good condition, protecting against moisture-related damage and improving overall product quality.

Packaging & Shipping

ProductProduct SizeCarton SizePackingWeight/carton
TypeModelInner Pouch (mm)Outer Pouch (mm)L*W*H (cm)g/pcqty/cartonNet Weight (kg)Gross Weight (kg)
CaCl2 DesiccantDC-2g(8L)65*5090*5546*28*262100pcs/bag20bags/ctn2000pcs/ctn48.8


ClosetBook storage boxShoe cabinetElectronicsMetalsSpare partsFood transportation, etc


R&D Strength-Lab equipments

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