Vci Paper for Metal Rust

Vci Paper for Metal Rust

Plain Weave Anti-corrosion Vci Coating Anti-rust Vci kraft Paper What is VCI paper? 1. VCI paper is sometimes referred t


Basic Info.
Width 1020-1092mm
Weight 80-180g/Sqm
Transport Package Carton
Specification Customize
Trademark Customize
Origin China, Foshan
HS Code 4811599900
Production Capacity 1000000 Pieces/Day
Product Description

Plain Weave Anti-corrosion Vci Coating Anti-rust Vci kraft Paper
What is VCI paper?

Vci Paper for Metal Rust-Proof Moisture-Proof Protection Customize Size

1. VCI paper is sometimes referred to as "rust-proof paper" and is a special kind of kraft paper packaging made with added VCI chemical ingredients.
2. VCI molecules are deposited on the metal surface, forming an invisible thin layer to protect the metal from corrosion and achieve the effect of anti-rust. This layer suppresses the corrosion process caused by oxygen, water and contaminants. Different sizes, weights and types of inhibitors can be made according to different requirements.
3. You can order by roll, pre-cut and customized printing. VCI paper is usually made of kraft paper, but can be reinforced with layers or scrim-like threads to provide additional protection. This is a high-performance anti-rust packaging.

How does VCI film work?
The corrosion inhibitors are extruded right into the paper, not superficially applied. As a result, the volatile and contact inhibitors provide long-term corrosion protection for the most intricate and hard-to-reach surfaces. The corrosion protection is clean, non-discernible, with no strong chemical odor. It will not affect the performance of the protected metal, and the parts are ready to use immediately after removal from the packaging without additional cleaning.

Application field:

Vci Paper for Metal Rust-Proof Moisture-Proof Protection Customize Size

Application areas:
1. Automotive field: car body, engine, flywheel, brake disc, clutch and various steel parts. 2. Electronic appliances: control boards, computer components, motors, communication equipment, electronic parts, etc. 3. Precision machinery: precision molds, clock parts, medical equipment, etc. 4. Heavy machinery: all kinds of large machinery, agricultural machinery, transportation machinery, boiler machinery, etc. 5. Marine and aviation fields: engines, engines, motors, turbine parts, etc. 6. Others: bearings, hand tools, drills, power tools, etc.
Applied metals:
1. Anti-rust for ferrous metal: suitable for all ferrous products such as cast iron, carbon stelel, silicon steel, etc. 2. Antirust for multi-metal: suitable for alloy products composed of various metals, such as: steel, copper, aluminum, zinc, eyc. 3. Anti-rust for copper: suitable for copper and copper alloy products. 4. Special anti-rust for galvanizing: suitable for galvanized metal products. 5. Antirust for nickel plating: suitable for nickel-plated metal products. 6. Precious metal antirust: suitable for precious metal products with gold and silver plating.
Anti-rust paper typeWide formatKg/rollWeightCan be coveredCan be wired
Plain rust paper1092/708mm5040CanCan be wired
Plain rust paper1092/708mm5050CanCan be wired
Plain rust paper1092/708mm5070CanCan be wired
Plain rust paper1092/708mm5080CanCan be wired
Wrinkle anti-rust paper950mm50100CanCan be wired(cloth)
Wrinkle anti-rust paper950mm50115CanCan be wired(cloth)

How To Use VCI Paper When Packaging Parts:
1. Wrap metal parts in Rust Guard Premium™ VCI Rust Prevention Paper. 2. Place inside wooden crates, boxes or shipping containers. 3. Interleave Rust Guard Premium™ VCI Rust Inhibitor Paper between layers of parts or drape over parts.
Anti-rust paper product advantages:
1. No pollution to metal products. 2. Does not affect the characteristics of kraft paper itself, the packaging method is simple, economical and practical. 3. It does not contain silicate and heavy metals, which is safe and non-toxic. 4. The gasification rate is fast, and the rust prevention period can reach 1 year. 5. Anti-rust particles can penetrate into every corner of the package, so as to achieve a better anti-rust effect.

Vci Paper for Metal Rust-Proof Moisture-Proof Protection Customize Size

Precautions for use:
1. Before packing with anti-rust materials, the metal products must be cleaned, dried or blown dry. It is recommended that the operator wear gloves to carry out the operation packaging to avoid contaminants such as sweat and dust on the parts; 2. The gas-phase anti-rust paper series products have the characteristic of volatility, so the sealing of the product packaging must be paid attention to in order to keep the packaged products in a sealed state; 3. If you choose gas-phase anti-rust paper, please pay attention to the side coated with corrosion inhibitor. Contact with metal inwards, smooth and bright on the other side and outwards. If you choose the gas-phase non-film anti-rust paper, you can put it directly in the packaging bag when you use it, there is no need to distinguish the front and back, but the packaging must be sealed; 4. It is recommended that the amount of anti-rust paper is equal to the surface area of the protected product; 5. Use it according to the amount you use, take it with you when you use it. Be sure to use a plastic bag to seal and store the unused parts, and put it in a dry place. Do not be contaminated. Under normal storage conditions, it can be used effectively within two years.
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Vci Paper for Metal Rust-Proof Moisture-Proof Protection Customize Size

There are 1500-plus customers as far as 2019. Topcod has already established long-term cooperation with more than 100 well-known enterprises and brands.

Vci Paper for Metal Rust-Proof Moisture-Proof Protection Customize Size

We were established in 2004, and set up branches in Shenzhen, Shunde, and Germany. We are a high-tech enterprise integrating scientific research, production, marketing, technical services, packaging consulting, quality testing, and providing solutions.
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