Oct 19, 2023

Dutch dish day for VCI Culture Club

Posted by James Morgan | May 1, 2023 | Education, Food & Drink, News | Vankleek Hill


Something’s been cooking lately in the food classroom at Vankleek Hill Collegiate Institute (VCI). On Thursday, April 27, the school’s Culture Club held its latest in a series of days honouring the food of various countries. This time, it was The Netherland’s turn. April 27 in The Netherlands is Konigsdag (King’s Day) when the birthday of their King, Willem-Alexander is celebrated. April 5 in The Netherlands is also Liberation Day, honouring the end of the Nazi occupation of the country in 1944. The touch of Dutch cuisine at VCI on April 27 was stamppot boernkool, a simple, yet delicious mixture of mashed potatoes and kale served with sausage. Pastries and black liquorice were also served. The food was prepared by 19 students in a cooking class overseen by teacher John Edwards.