Sep 10, 2023

Preserving the Future: Unveiling the Growing Demand for VCI Paper in the Market by 2032

The global VCI paper market is likely to be valued at US$ 600.3 million in 2022 and is predicted to secure a sluggish CAGR of 1.5% through 2032. The sales of VCI paper are expected to grow at a value of US$ 696.5 million by 2032.

VCI paper, also known as volatile corrosion inhibitor paper, is a specially formulated packaging material designed to protect metal components, equipment, and products from corrosion. It is manufactured by impregnating kraft paper with volatile corrosion inhibitors, which are chemicals that release a protective vapor to prevent rust and corrosion. VCI paper is widely used in various industries where metal products need to be stored, transported, or packaged for extended periods.

Demand for VCI Paper Growing

With the surge in global business expansion, the significance of reliable packaging materials that safeguard product quality and prevent corrosion-related damages during transportation has soared. VCI paper has emerged as a preferred and economical choice, providing effective corrosion protection solutions for manufacturers and distributors across diverse industries.

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Competitive Landscape-

Key Players Setting the Bar too High for New Entrants with their Innovation Capabilties

The key companies are seeking solutions that would make packaging seamless for the end users. Some of the recent developments by the market players are:

Natur-VCI, a biodegradable and compostable vapor corrosion inhibitor film, was introduced in May 2021 by the Northern Technologies International Corp. business unit to protect both ferrous and non-ferrous metals during shipment and short-term storage.

The key players in the VCI paper market are:

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VCI Paper Market Trends

The VCI paper market is witnessing significant growth, driven by various market trends and factors.4.1 Growing Demand in Developing Regions

The demand for VCI paper is rapidly increasing in developing regions, primarily due to the expansion of manufacturing industries and the rising awareness of corrosion prevention. As these regions experience economic growth and industrialization, there is a greater need for reliable and cost-effective solutions to protect valuable assets. VCI paper fulfills this requirement by offering superior corrosion protection and ensuring the longevity of metal products in harsh environments.

Rising Emphasis on Sustainable Packaging-

With the growing global focus on sustainability and environmental conservation, there is a rising emphasis on sustainable packaging solutions. VCI paper aligns with these objectives as it is recyclable, non-toxic, and free from harmful chemicals. The use of VCI paper in packaging not only provides corrosion protection but also contributes to reducing waste and promoting eco-friendly practices across industries.

Technological Advancements in VCI Paper Manufacturing-

Continuous research and development in the field of VCI paper manufacturing have led to technological advancements that enhance its performance and efficiency. Manufacturers are investing in innovative techniques to improve the release rate and longevity of volatile corrosion inhibitors. These advancements ensure that VCI paper provides extended protection, even under challenging conditions, further driving its demand in the market.

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Key Segments in the VCI Paper Market

By Product:

By Material:

By End-User Industry:

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Demand for VCI Paper GrowingDon’t Miss Out: Get Your Hands on Our Sample Report to Uncover the VCI Paper Market!Competitive Landscape-The key players in the VCI paper market are:Ask an AnalystVCI Paper Market TrendsTailor-Made Solutions: Customize Your Report to Gain a Competitive Edge in the VCI Paper Market!.Key Segments in the VCI Paper MarketAbout Future Market Insights, Inc.Contact Us:For Sales Enquiries: